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You can match a lot of choices to create the best outfit for you when you hang out, party, holidays, or every special occasion.

Tips For Matching Your Clothes 

One of the most important things is to look neat and clean and always have fitting clothes. Clean and appropriate outfit will leave a good first impression to others. Even if you are not very stylish or fashionable, you need to have clothes which are unsoiled, un-scuffed, and neatly fitting. 

If possible, design your own characteristic ensemble. This is the best way to make it your thing and avoid awkward situation in which your clothes are exactly the same with someone. Try Edraw fashion design solutions. Download Fashion Design Software.

Find out what kind of colors best suit your skin tone i.e. warm colors or cool colors. You want to make sure you have a few of your favorite colors in your closet. 

As a rule of thumb, it is better to have some neural colored bottom like beige, black, white and jean. These are easiest to match and you can always grab, put on and go. Primary colors can work great for a monochrome look, which means styling an outfit using only one color. This idea seems basic, but when executed correctly, appears modern and chic. Utilizing only one color lengthens and streamlines the body. 

Remember that we generally make mistakes when we are in a hurry. So always, arrange your clothes in advance to make sure you escape a disaster. Besides using a mirror, you can apply Edraw fashion design software to see whether two colors coordinate. In Edraw, you can change colors easily by using the color bar or color palette. 

Do not make the assortment of too many bright colors. It would be too much for the eyes. And if you are itching to put in some ultra-bright color in your wardrobe, you need to go as low as possible. For instance, a fluorescent yellow tee is a no-no but florescent yellow shoes are okay. 

Mixing and matching allows you to wear diversified and exciting looks even when you have a small wardrobe. Don’t throw away clothes that you are not in the mood for. Try them later or mix them with or mix them with other styles of accessories and you will gain refreshing look and feelings.

Prepare some accessories including jewelry, scarves (if you like scarves), belts, shoes and handbags. Buy a scarf which can similarly be used in either a formal or casual context. Women can get jewelry to emphasize a formal vs. casual outfit as well by having one set which looks elegant and another which looks fun.

Last but not least, a little bit of tweaking with your hairstyle, shoes etc. also helps in changing the look. Learn Woman Dress Picker for Parties to get more details. Read complete man suit style guide to get more information. Learn to choose dresses for flower girls here. 


Many favorite brands and football teams with the designed pattern make the shirt and shoes more trendy and active. 

The quality of those products is great, the printed design color is good. These two conditions together increase the credibility of the suppliers.  

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